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Feel free to post a message or read what all we are talking about.  Most topics here will involve information pertaining to the reenacting world and WWII history.  Though any radical or distasteful post will be deleted as soon as possible.  Come in with a light hearted attitude and a will to learn.

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FTCKY event

Just to let you all know there is another Fort Campbel event in the works. No details yet, though its looking like after the new year. Some of you local guys around post may get contacted by Alan for help. Let me know if anyone is willing to help him and I will let him know.

Re: FTCKY event

I thought the event this year went fairly well. I think the crowd enjoyed it a lot. I would suggest that if we put up a display that we do NOT allow people to handle items such as weapons or other things. A few things were broken at the last one. We need at least two guys in the display area to help enforce this.

Re: FTCKY event

This event would be a tactical in the mount site...I don't think you have been to one of those yet. It's not the airfield public battle.