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Help Recipes for Yemini food

Hi I'm desperately looking for some recipes for some of the authentic food we used to eat when we were living in Aden. I'm particularly looking for a recipe for samboosa (zamboosa) little triangular parcels of minced meat - a bit similar to an Indian samosa I guess. Also looking for any authentic curry dishes, stews etc. I've tried cooking recipes I've found on the web but nothing tastes right! I was far too young to pay any attention to the use of ingredients back then, so hoping some one else did!

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Re: Help Recipes for Yemini food

I checked this out a year ago with some yemen websites and there is no distictinctively Yemeni cuisine, the nearest to an exclusively yemeni dish is cold qat (only kidding)
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actually its an adopted Turhkish dish known as AL-SALTAH, [see wikipedia].heres a bit of info..
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"Saltah dishes The history of “Al-Saltah” in Yemen dates back one hundred years. The Turkish-origin hot meal was introduced to Yemen one hundred years ago. Yemenis were acquainted with its ingredients by the Turks occupying Yemen at that time.
However, the Yemenis have added some flavor and spices that have made “Al-Saltah” or “Al-Hulbah” (Fenugreek), a popular and distinguished meal all over Yemen."
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Saltah, Very Special Yemeni Dish
Saltah is considered to be one of the main dishes for majority of Sana’a people specially for qat chewers. It is originally a Sana’a meal; but it is pretty hard to state its historical evolution. In this article we shall focus on the way it is prepared and its importance to qat chewers.
First take a reasonable quantity of fenugreek; dissolve it in water.
Keep it for one hour. Then prepare meat or chicken soup.
A special bowl called “Madr” or “Makli” is used to cook Saltah. It is heat-proof. Put the empty bowl on fire for five minutes. Then pour some cooking oil, then some onions, to be followed by some fresh tomatoes. Mix all well. Now add some pepper and one or two eggs. Then put some fresh potatoes. Mix well again; then add some soup as desired. Add some minced meat. The whole mixture is to be cooked for ten minutes.
Remove the bowl from the fire. Remove water from your fenugreek (called Hulbah) and pour it into the hot bowl. (Do not pour fenugreek while the bowl is on the fire or else it becomes bitter in taste). The fenugreek shall become coagulated at the bottom of the bowl. Now mix some citric acid. The whole mixture is to be mixed until it is souped up. Add salt according to taste.
Although it is the last item at lunch, it has to remain hot. People like it hot.

Kinds of Saltah:
We can say that the preparation of Saltah is always quite the same; but it has now been developed. Instead of minced meat, fresh meat is used. It is called ‘Fahsah’.

Advantages of Saltah
This dish is served at lunch. It is very delicious and tasty. It stimulates the appetite. Qat chewers like it before chewing qat. They say Saltah makes them taste qat tasty too. It gives energy to people living in mountainous and cold areas. It gives heat to the stomach and eases digestion.
Sana’a Saltah is considered to be the best in Yemen. This dish has already crept into Taiz Province and , after Unification, to the Southern provinces of Aden and Abyan also. Saltah is prepared also in those countries where Yemeni residents reside.
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the pastry triangles are samosa, which are from the indian sub continent, recipes widely available
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I lived in Beirut for a number of years, and highly recommend their cuisine, Edgeware Road in London has many lebanese restaurants and cafes all very good

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Re: Help Recipes for Yemini food

Hi Jane, Just got back from my trip to Aden with Jackie Degg and friends. Due to Ramadam we were unable to get any authentic foods except for one afternoon when we ate like kings on a mixture of fish, chicken and kebabs at an excellent restaurant in Khormaksar. The feast was kindly provided by Ibrahim Hasan Ali, a real gentleman and BP Aden Kid. I will have to visit Aden again shortly to research the food for you !!!

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Re: Help Recipes for Yemini food

Thank you Johnathan. I hope you and Jackie had a great time, but I think finding authentic recipes will give you the perfect excuse to visit again.
Best wishes

Re: Help Recipes for Yemini food

* Grilled fish is very popular in ADEN those days.

My last visit to ADEN in 1985. The fish is cleaned and mixed with Vinegar,Salt,Turmeric powder,Chilly powder and marinated. Then the same is fried in fire without oil being applied. It is too crispy.

* The boiled potato being made into semi paste and mixed with tomato saucage with salt and chopped green chillies. It is cooked, mustard fried and added to it, This side dish is very suitable for "Poabs",like a Chappathi in India

* The paste available in the hotel along with the grilled fish and poabs is very tasty,but the ingredients are Onion,salt,Cheese,green chilly mixed together in the Mixer. But the ratio of ingredients not sure.As a result, we won't be getting the exact taste

* Fish Biriyani is something like Indian preparation,fried fish mixed with fried rice

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Re: Re: Help Recipes for Yemini food

Thank you for this it really helps to get a sense of the food and the place.

Re: Help Recipes for Yemini food

Hello Jane
I don't know if you remember me but we used to play together as kids, I believe your Dad was Marine Department like mine. With regard to your request for recipes especially samboosas which were a particular favourite of mine I have experimented & think i have found the nearest I can to the taste of a yemeni samboosa.You will need minced lamb, dry fry it with curry powder, I used mild approx 1 tablespoon to 8oz of lamb & half tablespoon ground cumin. Snip in chives, this as I rember is the ingredient which makes these taste different to samosas. Wrap in filo pastry & deep fry until golden. Enjoy!

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