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Hi! To anyone who remembers me!

This is a fascinating website - I did email Jonathan Wilkins but have not received a reply!My parents were in Little Aden between 1959 and 1966. I attended LAPA School, as did my brother Anthony.

I have fond memories of an idyllic childhood and was mainly to be found at the Riding Stables - and was very possessive of a horse called Napoleon! Mind you we all learned to ride on Pasha - taught by Batcha (spelling will be wrong!) Barnett - a brilliant teacher!

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me - cannot seem to find myself on any of the photos posted on the website - might try and find some of my parents photos to scan in.

Keep up the good work with the website!

Re: Hi! To anyone who remembers me!

Hi Margot, Thnks for the message sent via this medium. I have searched my e-mails but cannot find anything from you. The service I use does like to bounce my e-mails! Please try again using my other e-mail address --- Roffensian@comcast.net . I do remember you and your brother Anthony. I think a lot of us have very happy memories of times spent in Aden. I can remember a very grumpy horse at the stables called Saladin which managed to get in a bite when I was stroking him !! If you have any pictures, articles please send them in. Good to hear from you.

With best wishes

Jonathan W

Re: Hi! To anyone who remembers me!

Margot, while I don't recall the riding stables I certainly do remember the Barnett's!

I distinctly remember breaking my arm (fourth time I think!) after I fell off my scooter which I just happened to be riding along the wall in front of their house while Mum and Dad were chatting inside. (Some people have suggested that the fact I was riding along the wall may well have factored significantly into the seriousness of my injury )

That would probably have been at least '59 or '60 so there's a good change you were one of the kids who witnessed it!

Those Devonshire Street walls were dangerous. My sister Eileen still bears the scars on her chin from her fall off the one in front of our house.

Email: steve@terrapania.com

Re: Hi! To anyone who remembers me!

Hi Margot - did you live at the end of the road near to the army and the laundry ? put youremail on your reply so people can contact you !!

Email: gordon-clark@blueyonder.co.uk