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The exodus

Looking at my Junior Jet Club log book, I see we last left Aden on 30th March 1962 (Comet 4, G-APDA).

Did anyone else here leave on that same flight?

If not, when and how did you leave?

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Re: The exodus

Hi Stephen, My last flight out of Aden was on a MEA airlines Caravelle via, Jeddah and Beruit.


Jonathan W

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Re: The exodus

Hi Stephen

I must have left at about that time but I don't have my logbook any more. I was going to say 'that's the problem with travelling between countries what with packing and repacking' but then remembered where you are based!!

How's the weather over there? Are you suffering from the downpours??

Cheers, John

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Re: The exodus

Yeah, have done a bit of travelling, although the novelty hasn't really worn off. I'm quite looking forward to taking the clan back "home" (both of them! ?) one day.

Re the weather, while we're a bit waterlogged mentally, we've fortunately avoided any serious flooding. We did have about 150mm in one afternoon a few weeks ago which made life interesting for a bit, but nothing like they've had to put up with up north!

Email: steve@terrapania.com