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My Aden website details

I trust that JW will not mind me mentioning my website about Aden from 1961 - 1965 which contains photographs taken whilst I worked there, including some of LA where I often worked on tankers at the refinery berths.

The website can be found at http://www.onstuis.co.uk/

Contact details can be found on my "About" page.

Re: My Aden website details

Hi David,

No problem mentioning it here. It is an excellent site. I have been tardy in giving the address in the News page.

73's G6DIQ / W6DIQ

Email: roffensian@comcast.net

Re: My Aden website details

Very Interesting to see ADEN PICTURES


Email: eredwinsam@yahoo.co.in

Re: My Aden website details

Very Good collection of ADEN Photos....


Email: alwindavis@yahoo.com