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Aden ....

I would like to know the present status of ADEN City in regard to CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES......

DURING my childhood i use to watch the Construction of Bridge/Building under the Supervision of RUSSIAN TEAM of ENGINEERS.....

I still remember the Hollow Block making machine in LITTLE ADEN..Lot of INDIANS,SOMALIS,PAKISTANI's were working in that QUARRY...That is in 1985,when I was just Thirteen.

The YEMINI people are so friendly.

The grilled fish and Poabs are very tasty near that QADRI shop. The open Air theatre also very attractive towards the POST OFFICE near beach.

Previously there is a direct AIR INDIA from BOMBAY to ADEN weekly,now Cancelled.

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Re: Aden ....

Hi Alwin,
There is a lot of new construction throughout Aden. The hills around Steamer Point have homes built on them. Little Aden (Ghadir) seems to be almost totally built up. All empty spaces between the BP homes now have new homes built on them. The area around Wedge Hill is a housing estate. No more blasting !!! Bandar Sheikh has a few homes but I believe that is all going to change when they start building a holiday complex there. The only place that doesn't seem to be changed is Bir Fuqum. I am sure a lot of people will remember your parents as nurses at the BP hospital. They probably nursed me after Dr Bomford removed my tonsils and appendix!
If you have pictures of your time in Aden please send them to the address shown and I will upload them to the site.

Jonathan W

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Re: Aden ....

Thanks Sir for the information. It is quite interesting to note that there is lot of Construction activities going on in and around ADEN. Since I am a Civil Engineer, if get an oppurtunity to work in ADEN, definitely i would take up such an offer.

I have uploaded 6 photos today (10.04.2008) in the following address:



Email: alwindavis@yahoo.com