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Alexander Anderson ---- Anyone remember me ?


My grandfather, Alexander Anderson, worked in Aden from 1955, I believe, until the mid 60's. He was the medical officer for BP and was married to Joan. They had three children, David, Ian and Margaret. Ian is my father, but I have never managed to extract much information about the time my grandparents spent out there, or of my fathers experiences there.

I am curious to know whether anyone on this forum remembers them and would be interested to hear from anyone who does.



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Re: Alexander Anderson ---- Anyone remember me ?

Hi Alex,

My parents are very elderly and remember a lot of people. Unfortunately, they do not remember your grandparents in Little Aden.

However, my mother has suggested that your grandfather may have worked at Steamer Point (known as Big Aden to us wee ones) as she remembers various ladies getting medical assistance with BP Staff there when having their children.

Perhaps one of the "kids" whose parents were in the medical divison might help....Best Regards..Cathy

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Re: Alexander Anderson ---- Anyone remember me ?

Hi Alex

When I first saw your message the names rang bells but I thought I'd better check with my mother - she's now 90 and her short term memory isn't too good. She and my father - Joan and Les Shute - were in Aden for nine years until the early 60s. I visited for ocassional holidays but my brother John went to school for a couple of years before coming back to the UK. We lived on Marine Drive, I think numbers 13 and 51. The name I remember best is David Anderson, maybe as a friend of John's. I also have memories of my mother writing to tell me that the Anderson children were staying with her for a while, though I can't remember why! Hope this helps a bit.


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