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Reunion 2009

I have had a number of e-mails asking if another Reunion is planned for 2009. If you are interested and can suggest a venue, date and volunteers to organise the event please let me know. I will create a page on the web site with guest lists updates etc. The Community Hall in Bandar Sheikh is available for this type of event and at a very reasonable price !!

Jonathan Wilkins

Email: n606jp@comcast.net

Re: Reunion 2009

If it's towards the latter part of 2009 we might be able to make it and would certainly be interested but it would depend on our finances ... Australia is a long way from Aden!!
We've been thinking of trying to make a trip back and it would be great to be able to add a reunion to the whole experience!
Maybe some sort of "group" travel could be organised by those who have done it before for those who haven't? I'm sure there would be lots of tips and tricks that the more experienced returnees could pass on.

Email: steve@terrapania.com

Re: Reunion 2009

Hi Stephen, There are volunteers to host the next reunion in the UK in 2009. So far everything is in the early planning stages no dates have been suggested. As I find out dates I will let everyone know. Regards


Email: n606jp@comcast.net